Distance education and the lessons of historical memory: the opinion of the President

full-time education it is impossible to completely replace the remote, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This opinion he expressed during the meeting with the working group on preparation of amendments to the Constitution. A videoconference was broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

“can’t, naturally, the conventional way of learning, a natural process in this area to be fully replaced with distance learning, – said the head of state. Here it is extremely important direct communication, personal communication between teacher and student.”

Putin said: the authorities have no plans to “completely replace distance learning everything that happens in the sphere of education”. At the same time, according to him, technology is evolving, and to stop technical progress is impossible. In his opinion, it would be not just pointless, but harmful.

the President Also supported the extension of opportunities for training in Russian institutions for children from families of Russians living abroad. The participants of the videoconference, the President proposed to increase the quota for training of children not only in universities but also in colleges and similar institutions. Putin noted that he fully agrees with this proposal.

“moreover, the instruction is already in government, in administration there. Again look at what is happening in this area, he said. – Without a doubt, need to improve opportunities for their training, including on a budgetary basis”.

Speaking of education, Putin also supported the proposal to introduce in schools lessons of historical memory. He called it a “wonderful idea.”

Earlier, the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov said that the Russian leadership has no plans to transfer students on distance learning. He expressed the hope that by the beginning of the new academic year, the epidemiological situation with the spread of the coronavirus, normal and schoolchildren sit at their desks. However, as noted by the head of the officesVA, training on a remote basis you can apply in some cases, for example when the student is ill.