If you have a Problem with your landline or the Internet, please contact the fault of the Telekom office with the phone number on 0800 33 01000. The call is free. Under this number you will also receive information, if you have problems with the Entertain package of the Deutsche Telekom.

in addition, you can ask questions to your phone bill and make inquiries about the Warranties. In addition, these acts by choice as a consulting Hotline.

Hotline of the German Telekom: for example, the telephone number is, if there are any problems in the mobile phone network

For any problems in the mobile network of the provider, the Telekom, an additional disorder. Choose 0800 33 02202 and get here more detailed information on the Situation in the mobile network.

this call will cost you nothing. In addition, you can take also advice and assistance in claim and further via the mobile phone network.

the Online presence of the fault point,

you also have the possibility of the fault point to reach the Telekom online, if you are firmly affected network or the mobile network. To do this, first go to the Telecom page on the Internet. Here you will find the tab “help & Service”, directly next to the tab “client center” in the upper right area of the page.

If you call “help & Service”, at first appears to be a search window. Here you can enter your Problem directly. You also have the option to click on the box with a black exclamation mark against a yellow Background at the top right. This is the field “Troubleshooting”.

In the Online-offer of the fault point rightly

If you have opened the page “Troubleshooting” in the Online-offer of the Telekom-trouble, appears as the First display of the “Current messages”. Here you will find information on current disorders or impairments. In addition, on this page you have the disruption of the Telecom the opportunity to check your landline connection.

click on the associated command, which you can find directly under the current messages to the network. A window opens in which you must enter your area code and phone number in order to apply for a malfunction test.

A fault online

If you wish to report a fault online, you are also right. Select “Troubleshooting” Option “Instant help & interference report”. Click directly on the “fault report”.

On the page that opens, you select, what type of problem it is: telephony, Internet, TV, appliances & services, or complete failure. This message is then forwarded to the technicians of the Telekom.

Also, you can record at this point of contact to a digital fault wizard. This answers your questions regarding Installation, trouble-or to the cabling. If you have already issued an error message, here is some insight into the Status of your message. These, you can also check under the “My reported incidents”: Here you can choose between “web / home” and “phone / mobile”. FOCUS Online termination of service (ad) To terminate the template for the telecoms

proposals for a solution of the trouble-spot

you can Scroll with the mouse on the “help in trouble”-page down, you will discover solutions, the Telekom offers. Here are the most frequently asked questions are listed. So you know by the click of a mouse, what can you when there is a fault of the mobile network companies.

you specify exactly what the Problem is – poor quality of the conversation transmission, disturbances on large-scale events, a restricted power in the Tunnel, etc. Under “customer service” you can find direct contacts – via Chat, by phone, E-Mail, or in the Community.

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