Dmitry Kiselev told about the invasion of the robots

the Outgoing year radically brought together the human and the robot. We began to talk about artificial intelligence, and in the meantime to Moscow travel tens of unmanned vehicles from the company “Yandex” in the framework of a government experiment to test unmanned vehicles.

this year started and test runs of an unmanned vehicle “KAMAZ-4308” — while on the factory floor, but this machine is controlled quite precisely and feels its dimensions — with an error of no more than five centimeters.

the Summer to the ISS successfully flew the first ever humanoid robot-cosmonaut — Fyodor. It all even wanted to animate, many signed up for his account and appreciated the sense of humor when he explained the delay with the docking station that came in the outer tube, and then another, and complained about the cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin for the fact that at some point came up with the idea to Fedor’s crack with a hammer. Nothing happened, but Fedor still complained.

In the same year, the pig rose for the second time gave birth after academician Dmitry Pushkar successfully cured her of infertility, making the operation using the domestic surgical robot-assistant.

In Sechenovskiy University for the first time this year, conducted dozens of operations with the help of a robot surgeon. All were successful and without complications. Development has no analogues in the world and is used for knee arthroplasty. The surgeon in the initial stage of the operation provides robot access to the knee joint, performs the digitization of the zone and sets the task, and then the robot copes with the main phase of the operation in 17 minutes. The final part of the prosthesis for the surgeon, but the surgical precision of the robot, inaccessible to man.

the Robot “Promobot” from the company-resident of SKOLKOVO this year for the first time became a full-time employee Perm multifunctional center of public services — MFC. He advises clients, helping them with NAVigala, and paperwork. These Russian robots are already working in three dozen countries.

In the world of robotics is developing rapidly, and robots not only take the staff, but they even give citizenship. The first robot with citizenship before last year was the Sofia. Its Creator — designer David Hanson. When he worked at Walt Disney, and then founded the Hong Kong company named after himself — Hanson Robotics. Sofia in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to close the black face and even made another relief, because the law is not a Muslim in Saudi Arabia to obtain citizenship can’t. In Riyadh carried out internal work and felt that it would be the exception. Sofia is pretty, she is able to portray human emotions, cooing sweet voice and keep the conversation going.

Advances in precision mechanics, the invention of unprecedented materials, robotics and artificial intelligence has allowed this year to create humanoid robots for a new generation of employment-by sex. Most of the smart sex-machine — in women, causing an outcry from feminists. Faux leather to the touch is almost indistinguishable from a human in different places, body temperature — 36,6, or any desired by the user, with the appearance of no problems, with facial expressions — less, the articulation of the lips match the spoken.

these robots have a memory, they know people, joking, adjusting to the peculiarities of the sense of humor of its owner, fake orgasms, send sms and even able to truly fall in love. Surprising, because if from time immemorial fall in love with literary characters, then the characters, then why now it is not available to sex robot?

The more that is much more simple toys have already made it. For example, the Japanese Nakajima-San. He — 60. Married to a doll. Coddling her, takes out for walks and even invites to a bar. So for several years, showing amazing dedication.

“I couldn’tyou can imagine what it means to live with a doll, and not in marriage with his wife. But now I can. In recent times men have degraded the idea of life values. Women have completely lost confidence in the fact that the presence of a number of men gives her a prosperous future. And it turns out that people have practically ceased to aspire to marriage,” — says Nakajima.

Nakajima-San says about Japan. And, perhaps, with excessive generalization. But it is a fact that Japan — the most severe demographic crisis, and many believe that the country is on the verge of extinction. But you can look at the matter from the other side. The dolls themselves, and eventually sex robots, carry humanity new opportunities, and a huge threat.

If we talk about the possibilities, what else Samantha is the brainchild of Spanish masters Sergi Santos — quite a relieves men from two main fears before sex that distributes today’s culture. The first is the risk of infection. Without sex life is really hygienic. And the second is the risk of accusations of sexual assault. Because many in the West think if the Oscar-winning Weinstein with all their lawyers so caught — up to compulsory treatment course of hormones — something that you can do to me?! And here is Samantha, she adjusted to, and joke and not be offended.

And the girl-robot can even play the wedding. At least, that three years ago did the Chinese specialist in artificial intelligence to Zheng Jiajia. All relatives had urged him to start a family, and to find a suitable pair Jiajia could, only falling in love with an artificial friend.

However, before the wedding comes not always. That said, the Japanese seller of dolls: “When you make love with your wife, it’s quite troublesome. And when you’re with a doll, none of this makes any difference. As for life, I can’t say for sure. For example, compare with a smartphone. Can to 30 messages per day to send, and once in three days pOcto open. Well, depending on frequency of use a year as the smartphone will be different.”

anyway, a well-known British engineer and futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson has said that in the middle of our century, the traditional sex will recede into the background, and sex with robots will become more popular, that is, when the living generation.

Hard to believe, but the fact that the area is developing with the speed of the explosion. Not casually in the West emerged a new sexual orientation — ciprocal. In this two directions: sex VR glasses virtual reality and sex with a robot. As for procreation, then this problem will be solved again, technology — IVF and in the future, an artificial womb. So reliable.

it is Clear that for humanity, if we are not prepared for this transition in advance, the consequences can be catastrophic. After all, if you switch to robots and “take out” from society that marpolbul the energy that exists between men and women, even without sex, can we imagine how this will impact at least for etiquette, culture, family?

If the robot will be obviously more pleasant companion and partner than neighboring living creature, what will become of the relations “man – man”? And the impact of this alienation on the life of cities and countries, the social hierarchy, raising children, ideas about beauty and notions of good and evil? The old man Freud in danger of being hopelessly forgotten. Supplement have many laws, including the Civil and criminal codes. And the fact that the coming invasion of the robots with elements of artificial intellect in human life will change a lot, so it is to the grandma do not walk. It is clear that society and its institutions need to prepare: the school and the education system as a whole, the family, the Church, the military, legislators.

by the Way, this summer the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov introduced a bill to ban organization of brothels and dens with the use of sex dolls and sex robots. If you think this is a step in advance, it is not so. In Russia, this business has developed. And quite a legal. As the shape of the hotel, where you can go for an hour or two or even stop for the night. Establishments are in a foreign franchise.

and finally, some robotic images of our days. Rossiyskaya ROBOKASSA Betsy made recently with new year greetings in the Prefecture of Zelenograd. While singing songs and riddles guessing.

Japanese Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro first became famous for having created a robot in his likeness, and now a 10 year old boy copies the facial expressions of people blinking, talking, mimics the human gait.

Chinese engineers have made a companion for the kids. Alpha is the best gift for the New year. Alpha knows so far, only Chinese and English. Can read a poem or sing a song, ready to support a simple conversation, and even will help with the yoga classes, I remind you to call or to congratulate friends happy birthday. Already there was a smaller version.

But the mechanical man is not the crown of creation. In Germany are addicted to bionic robots. Ants, butterflies, dragonflies, seagulls, kangaroo… the Likeness is incredible.

However, the Americans surprised the robot acrobat Atlas… Although not always perfect.

In General, the world is changing. 2020 certainly bring new times. It is necessary to try.

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