Dmitry Medvedev urged to bring the fight against susami to logical end

Dmitry Medvedev has proposed to ban the sale of so-called Snykov in the entire Eurasian Union. The Prime Minister said this at a meeting with heads of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of interior. Susami call nikotinsoderzhaschie products. To draw teenagers, they are often produced in the form of candy or gum. In Russia it is forbidden to sell, but the manufacturers were trying to circumvent the law by releasing analogues.

Deny-nicotine mixture not only in Russia but throughout the EEC. Otherwise, any control over the circulation of Susov will be useless.

“we Need to conduct work, on behalf of the Russian Federation went to the initiative in the EEU, Board so that this product ban on the territory of the EEU. We have no borders and if it will remain somewhere in other countries, this stuff will still have”, — said Dmitry Medvedev.

In Russia snusa (numerically smokeless tobacco) was prohibited back in 2015-m to year. But there were analogues of nicotine mixture without tobacco content. They banned not fall. And within a few years the sellers was able to use this loophole in the law and freely sold snusa as conventional food products.

“If it’s food products, it shall be accompanied by all the documents which confirm the safety, which in this case. Even to equate this product to nothing. In this candy contains nicotine, as a pack of cigarettes. And eating five or six candy (if weight 40 kg) is a lethal dose,” warns Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor.

AMD and CPS has spent about 150 thousand inspections. In Ryazan investigators seized over a thousand packs of snus. An unscheduled field inspection and Krasnoyarsk, Volgograd, Kurgan, Smolensk. Total seized more than a million packs of chewing mixtures. 13 criminal cases.

In Stavropol found the whole lab. 12 thousand cans of ready-made mixtures, 300 thousand labels and 20 cans of concentrate SyRA. Around – open packaging with food, smeared scales, and table, dirty sheet of paper on which the pen performs all calculations. A total of 44 producers, the registered address was only five.

Establish control over trade on the Internet. “Over the past weekend was set to 400 Internet sites selling-nicotine mixtures. In the prescribed manner our units came out with a proposal to Roskomnadzor for blocking these sites in court”, — said Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of internal Affairs.

some regions have already started to ban the sale of-nicotine mixtures, without waiting for the adoption of the law on the Federal level. At the moment, 23 the subject has already banned the sale of Snykov. 15 – I can ban in the near future. The Federal bill is now awaiting a second reading in the state Duma.