Dmitry Voronkov: Swiss hockey players have not given us any problem

Russia Striker Dmitry Voronkov shared his impressions from victory over team Switzerland (3:1) in the quarterfinals of the youth world championship on hockey which passes in the Czech Republic.

Voronkov in the match against the Swiss, scored twice, scoring the goals in the 22nd and 39th minute respectively. Another goal was scored by Alexander khavanov.

“I Played well today, but we understand the game and improve. Coaches will tell you what else we must add, – said Voronkov, quoted by TASS. – We learned how to play the Swiss knew that they will act in a rollback. Strong was not a problem”.

the Russian Team reached the semi-finals of the tournament. His next opponent wards Valery Bragin will learn later. In the group stage of the tournament Russian hockey players lost to the Czechs (3:4), defeated the Canadians (6:0), lost to the Americans (1:3), defeated the Germans (6:1) and with six points left in the playoffs from the third place of group B.