Dodon: Putin taught me to protect the interests of Moldova

the President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that a positive attitude of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his faith in the future of his country are exemplary. “We see that this approach finds support in the absolute majority of citizens of Russia and has earned respect far beyond its borders”, said the Moldovan leader.

he also noted that the distinguishing trait of Putin are his words that he does not punish, but it never forgets. He said that at every meeting with Putin, he can openly discuss any difficult issues, it allows you to quickly reach an understanding and find solutions for the problems that are on the agenda in relations between the two countries.

“He and decades later he remembers to the smallest detail certain events that have taken place in the history of the Moldovan-Russian relations”, — said Igor Dodon.

It is also surprising that the Russian President is able to maintain the amazing calmness even in very difficult situations, especially regarding security issues.

the Head of Moldova believes that Putin has become part of world history. “I have no doubt that Vladimir Putin will occupy a worthy place in a series of the brightest representatives of the Russian State”, — said Igor Dodon.

He also admitted that Putin had taught him to defend the interests of Moldova and to make difficult decisions. “I really learned a lot from the President of Russia, especially in how to protect the interests of the state and be able to make decisions despite various difficulties and a difficult situation”, — quotes the words of Dodona RIA Novosti.

Moldovan President also told the Russian leader he was interested in what kind of wine is best for health. On this Dodon said that most healthy wine, with the aging period to one year. He explained that in young wine has no preservatives or additives, so it is considered usefulth.