Dolls and gold cockerels: the main tree of the country dressed in folk style

more than a thousand toys style crafts and more kilometres of garlands: in the Cathedral square of Moscow completed the final decoration of the main Christmas tree of the country. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Kremlin Christmas tree forest beauty decided to dress up toys from the collections of different years.

It was decorated a couple of days and now remains only to add a few last touches to the portrait of the main Christmas tree of the country.

On the Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin invited the children from the art school at the Surikov Institute. They entrusted the hang of the latest toys on fluffy branches, the Kremlin Christmas tree. They made them with their hands.

I decided to make such a ridiculous reindeer hat and Christmas socks.
– I thought it was just the school program, and that actually they will not be hung on the main tree.

But the first Christmas miracle has already happened. As a reward young artists received a sweet gift and a chance to make a wish.

What do you want? Good luck, happiness, good grades and lots of gifts!

2020 is declared as the Year of folk art. In this style, the designers decided to make the main fir-tree of the coming year. It was decorated with matryoshkas, samovars and Golden Cockerel. And of course, added a traditional vintage toys: figurines of forest animals, hundreds of colorful balloons and a garland with a length of five kilometers.

the tree arrived in Moscow from Borodino forestry of the Moscow region. She won a beauty contest among 12 candidates. A tree 90 years, it is 25 meters high, and the scope of the fluffy branches — six meters.

“Just over 2100 toys we have on the tree,170 luminous balls”, — said the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova.

the day after tomorrow will see students from across the country. The jubilee 20th all-Russian Christmas tree will collect six thousand children. And after the holidays the tree will have a second life.

wood-new Souvenirs: hockey sticks, birdhouses and bird feeders. And the seeds will be placed in akokobi and give the children that they raised new coniferous beauties. More than 100 thousand trees across the country grow up from the seeds of the Kremlin Christmas tree.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”