Donbass: the situation on the contact line

Over the past day, Ukrainian security forces 15 times opened fire on the territory of the Donetsk people’s Republic. Under attack there were some villages and districts where mines are located.

the Commander receives the message about the shelling positions of the militia. Despite the alarming reports, at the forefront of all the action neat and calm. It’s no longer a militia, and a full army.

Sergei last miner, for five years in the ranks, was promoted to Deputy commander of the company, constantly at the forefront.

“every day They shell us with mortars, automatic grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, — says Sergey (call sign “Coast”). — The mood is optimistic, waiting, when all this is over and they leave from our land”.

Almost all members of the local. Despite the severity service, retreat the soldiers can’t follow them — their families and homes.

six years of civil war between Kiev and the young republics of the ordinary miners and metallurgists became professional soldiers; they are firmly dug in their land, and no one force them out can’t beat.

the Blows dealt by the Ukrainian army, mostly provocative. They are aimed not at people’s militia positions and residential sector located at the fighters behind. This time under fire was the village Staromykhailivka, four houses were destroyed.

With the arrival of a new President many thought that the conflict is finally over, there was so much promise. But apparently expectations have been deceptive. To shoot never ceased.