Donors are not necessarily checked for coronavirus

Mandatory testing of donors for coronavirus and antibodies to it in institutions of blood Service is not provided, said the portal stopmanager.RF Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA).

it noted that at the request of a potential donor can pass the tests in other laboratories.

however, all donated blood and its components are inspected to prevent the possibility of transmission of infections to the recipient, said the Agency.

the Ministry said that the number of donors in Russia for the last time fell less than 1 percent. “A significant outflow is avoided thanks to the great work of establishments of blood Service daily to attract donors,” they explained.

In FMBA assured that the blood banks use the most advanced technologies, working with sterile instruments, and comply with all epidemiological recommendations.

According oberstab, over the past day in Russia, for the day was 7 176 new cases of infection, for all time of epidemic — 606 881 case. Recovered a total of 368,822 human died 8 513.