January 5 was not a surgical oncologist, Andrey Pavlenko. For two years he fought with cancer and blogged for all of you who have faced this disease. A farewell video, which the doctor turned to his followers, was a shock. Condolences to the family Pavlenko expressed Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, noting that his personal example of courageous struggle with serious illness has helped thousands of patients to mobilize and configure itself for treatment and recovery.

“If you’re watching this video then I am dead” — this video came out after Andrey Pavlenko has gone — it happened on January 5 at 8:20. For his courageous fight for life we’ve been following for almost two years, and it was, oddly enough, an inspiring sight. When Pavlenko started because of chemotherapy hair fall out, eight members of the cancer center and his colleagues, in a show of solidarity shaved their heads

the Diagnosis of gastric cancer 3rd degree Pavlenko put in March 2018. At that time he was 39, he surgeon of the surgical Clinic of high medical technologies Pirogov St. Petersburg state University, Deputy Director of the medical unit, member of the European society of surgical Oncology.

Pavlenko took the decision to declare the disease a public war, started a blog about his treatment on the Internet. “Think of it as a chronic experiment, he said. I want you to be as informed about their disease, about the complications, I want to openly talk about it”.

Since then, Pavlenko began to lead an open lifestyle. He never refused an interview, were allowed to shoot at home. Laughing, talked about heavy: “we’ve Started losing hair, my wife calls me a bald cat.”

Later, the eldest daughter shaved him bald. Here Andrey Pavlenko with his wife Anna after that in the program “live”: “Man dies when his vital functions ceased. But the man never ceases to live until the last moment. And we have a lot of patients towho cease to live before the completion of the vital functions of the body. It stops communicating with relatives and friends, he does not set goals, he’s not trying to achieve”.

“I was excessively Intrusive, brought him to eat, wanted to massage the head, hands, feet. I didn’t know how to help. And now our life is no different from what it was before diagnosis,” said wife Anna Gegechkori-Pavlenko.

knowing that he was doomed to live in full — called Andrey Pavlenko. Although in the blog to be honest about the fear and the pain: “I began to better understand their patients is 100 percent. I will carry out some organizational changes in my office on the basis of the experience that I received as a patient.”

Even after an operation to remove stomach, he continued to work. Founded a charity Foundation to help cancer patients. Pavlenko used every minute to be able to do and say what in the future can not.

He expected that he would be able to live another 5 years, but this winter it became clear that the disease takes up. On the morning of 1 January, he published a farewell letter. He died five days later. The doctor-soldier was gone, for many people becoming an example of strength, fortitude and faith.