the Network long ago to discuss a possible breakup between the singer Polina Gagarina and her husband, photographer Dmitry Isakov. The pair did not comment, one man said that they never got divorced. Now the husband of actress placed all points over “i”.

on his page On Instagram Dmitry Iskhakov posted a photo with text content. Message to subscribers looks neat. Husband Gagarina explained that they no longer live together. “Maintain normal relations and continue to lovingly care for our children”, — said Iskhakov, adding at the end: “that’s all.”

the Post photographer has not gone unnoticed. One of podeschi wrote that for her it’s the saddest news of the year 2020. A large part of the social network users wished happiness ishakova and Gagarin, but, apparently, already separate from each other. Polina herself has not commented on the statement of Dmitry.

Gagarin and Iskhakov met in 2013 when the singer took the photo. In the fall of 2014 they got married. The couple had a daughter. By the way, Gagarina has a son from a previous marriage.