Double Kulemina helped metallurg to beat Avtomobilist

In Magnitogorsk with a match between local Metalurh and Ekaterinburg “Motorist” programme continued the next game day of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League. The owners of the ice won important two points, defeating the visitors with the score 3:1.

In the “MMK” a brace Nikolay Kulemin, who distinguished themselves in the 11th and 24th minute of the game. Another goal, which proved victorious, was scored by Andrew Nestrasil (35-I). For Avtomobilist scored Alexei Vasilevsky (5-I) and Anatoly Golyshev (54).

metallurg scored 49 points and climbed to fifth place in the standings Eastern conference. The Ekaterinburg club is fourth with 52 points.