Downward trend: data oberstab at COVID-19

the Number of cases of coronavirus in Russia has reached 326 448 people. For this indicator, the country remains in second place in the world. Leadership continues to hold the United States — where 1 million 570 thousand infected.

In recent days in Russia have revealed 8 894 infected in 84 regions of the country (at that 42.2 percent of them have no clinical manifestations of the disease). The daily increase in the number of new cases COVID-19 in Russia remains at the same level for the third day in a row, according to oberstab. So, may 21 was revealed 8 849 new cases and 20 may — 8 764 case. The growth rate of 22 may was +2.8 percent, the figure demonstrates a steady downward trend in incidence, experts say.

Coped with the disease is already 99 825 of Russians (including the last day prescribed 7 144 people).

Died from disease during the entire period of the spread of coronavirus 3 249. And for the last day recorded a record number of deaths — died 150 cases.

In Moscow, the number of cases COVID-19 reached 158 207 people. Growth of new cases per day amounted to 2 988 patients. Fully recovered 43 582 patient died 1867 people.