Dozens of sarcophagi, and amulets of pure gold: a new discovery in Egypt

the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt announced a thrilling discovery. We are talking about 16 well-preserved tombs, according to AFP news Agency.

the Discovery made in the necropolis of tuna El-Gebel 300 kilometers from Cairo. This archaeological monument is famous for its many tombs and catacombs, as well as thousands of mummified ibises and baboons.

New artifacts date from the period between 664 in 399 BC. Burial was made in the reign of the three dynasties.

Archaeologists have uncovered 20 stone sarcophagi and five wooden sarcophagi. The first made of limestone, some of them embossed characters. The lids of stone sarcophagi in the form of mummies.

dozens of sarcophagi and amulets of pure gold a new discovery in egypt 1the lid of the sarcophagus depicts the deceased.EPA photo.

were Also found painted limestone vessels, in which were placed the internal organs of mummified people.

Archaeologists have also gained about 10 thousand statuettes ushebti, painted in blue and green. These sculptures were placed in the tomb to serve the deceased in the afterlife.

in addition, it was found 700 amulets in the form of a scarab, and some of them of pure gold. Finally, another amulet depicts a more exotic creature: a winged Cobra.

dozens of sarcophagi and amulets of pure gold a new discovery in egypt 2Archaeologists have found thousands of statuettes ushebti.Photo Global Look Press.

Historians believe that the tombs belonged to high-ranking officials, including the chief priests of the God Thoth, according to the Associated Press.

the Era, which made burial in Egyptian history known as the Late period. It is connected with Persian and Ethiopian conquest and hard struggle of Egyptians for independence. Signs of the times became the wide distribution of iron, before the former rare.

By the way, before “News.Science” wrote about troyenii in Egypt 30 well-preserved sarcophagi.

Text: To.Science