Dr. butcher: because of the coronavirus will mutate the flu virus

In scientific circles, it is believed that in the ecosystem of a single virus displaces the other, and on change to a new type of coronavirus can come something else. If it was, said the TV channel “Russia 1” the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

According to him, viruses do interact with each other.

“Even you and I have the skin living bacteria. It doesn’t bother us. And it’s part of our natural immunity, because when the other bacteria are pathogenic already, to sit down, this is a staph infection begins to destroy the new. She fights for her space as the dog is guarding the territory, with viruses the same thing,” explained the doctor.

According to him, there are several types of coronaviruses, and they “compete” with the flu virus.

“We know, Italy has more and coronavirus is much less flu this year. In Japan coronavirus – less flu this year – said Myasnikov. – That is, graze, feed in the same field, these viruses.”

He stressed that the coronavirus “has gone nowhere”, it will remain after the pandemic.

“Sure to be a mutation of the same influenza – bird flu, swine flu, new will come,” warned the doctor.

At the same time to create a vaccine against the coronavirus, a new type will take years.

“the Fact that I’m just blind and you will – it is only in the lesions, it cannot be used on millions of people because the consequences can be terrible,” – said Myasnikov.

Previously, academician, President of the National medical research center named after Dima Rogachev Alexander Rumyantsev told about the mutation of the coronavirus. He noted that in Russia are infected with a different strain of virus than in China and the United States.