Dr. butcher said that you have to do as people with a remote spleen

the TV channel “Russia 1”, the head physician of City clinical hospital №71, Moscow and broadcaster Alexander Myasnikov answered the question of the viewer with the remote after the accident his spleen about what he can eat and drink.

Dr. said, what to eat and drink all you can, but most importantly, what to do all people with a remote spleen is vaccinated against pneumococcus and meningococcus.

Alexander Myasnikov warns – if this is not done, then the life of such people is threatened.

the Doctor said that for them death from pneumococcal sepsis is very real, as pneumococcus and meningococcus die only in the spleen, and if it is not, the person is defenseless in front of them.

Dr. butcher said that this is a worldwide practice, in clinic these vaccinations for patients with a remote spleen is required under his personal orders, but if someone the doctors didn’t tell them to do something on the part of such physicians is large puncture.