Dr. Myasnikov about

22 of June – the day when in 1941 Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, Russia remembers the hero who fought on the fronts of the great Patriotic war.

Then the enemy went to war not only adults but even children who were taking extra years to get to the front, someone (even children as young as seven) went to the partisans.

Since then, it took almost 80 years, in schools is long gone Patriotic education of young generation practically does not tell about the exploits of the pioneer heroes, which people past the Soviet school, knew the portraits and names.

it has long been no war, but the right was classic: “In life there is always a place for heroism”, even in peacetime.

the TV channel “Russia 1” the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov recalled these stories when people, without hesitation, sacrificed themselves for the sake of others.

did Shavarsh Karapetyan – multiple world and European champion in diving, who saved dozens of lives when the trolley overturned and fell into the cold water of the river. He dived and dived, trying to save people. And he miraculously survived.

So he did, without hesitation, a teenage girl, when I saw that 2-year-old child walking down the train tracks, and catching up with the locomotive.

So did Zhenya Tabakov — the young Russian who won the award. When one bastard got to their house, and began to mock the children, he did not hesitate, ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stuck it in the back of the criminal. Of course, the little boy could not cause substantial injury to adult bandit – he received multiple stab wounds and died.

These stories and in our peacetime – a lot. And now, during a pandemic coronavirus, a large number of heroes who risk their own lives for the sake of other people — doctors and volunteers.

the Sad list of physicians who during the pandemic coronavirus worked in so-called red zones and in directmω sense died in the line of duty, is increasing every day.

this list is dead and the doctor’s name falina. And the greater surprise, as recognized by Alexander Myasnikov, was the fact that after death the doctor came to him his two daughters, Alena and Dasha and asked volunteers in a hospital in the red zone.

Perhaps because they want “revenge virus” – the enemy who killed their father. But even realizing the danger of such work, girls do not renounce their intentions to become doctors and save lives.

“they Have it was a conscious decision. You know, my father died, and come to “avenge” the disease to fight the disease that killed your father – for me this is wrong.” says Dr. Miasnikov.

On the question of what is heroism: a conscious decision, or reflex, he says that this education, which works to the very last moment.

However, the doctor said, people are capable of, without thinking, to rush to the rescue of other, perhaps there is a “gene for heroes”, and these people – this is a “special species”.

“I always try this situation on themselves. I always think, and I would run away? If I could stay? And could I have my life to sacrifice for the life of another? And what would I have think I have the answer is no, because until your time comes, you don’t know yourself, you never know! I saw people who were running away. But I must say, I never aloud them not condemned. It is because I do not know how I would do in their situation,” — says Dr. Miasnikov.