Dr. Myasnikov called the foods that cause allergies

the TV channel “Russia 1” a famous doctor, Alexander Myasnikov said about how unexpected are causes of allergies. It says the doctor can be not only a reaction to known to man “classic” products, but also to those from whom he did not expect.

This so-called cross-reactions when the allergen is often in one and the same product in the same tissues. And sometimes Vice versa.

“Suppose a man may eat lamb, and he was all right. But if he ate lamb kidneys, you can get anaphylactic shock. He may be allergic to pork — not to be allergic to chicken and can be allergic to chicken, and chicken eggs he eats fine.” – gives examples of Alexander butchers.

Also, for example, if a person has a peanut Allergy, it is very much not so.

He also quotes a very unexpected example: a person suffering from allergies to fish, maybe to get a reaction after drinking wine, as, for example, in France for its purification of wine using fish products.

Such cross – options-set. This also applies to perfume, and cosmetics that use ingredients that I am allergic.

“So you have to understand that sometimes we meet in a strange (seemingly safe) products that a person allergic. Need to remember this,” says the doctor.

He urged those who suffer from this disease, just in case always carry an EPI pen. It says butchers can sometimes literally save lives.