Dr. Myasnikov told about the dynamics of the spread of coronavirus in Russia

Coronavirus COVID-19 have “done great harm” in the future in the absence of mutation. This was reported by a physician and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

As noted by the expert, in Russia the wave of the epidemic coronavirus infection subsides, the vast majority of cases with minimal symptoms or asymptomatic.

“All that plays out… hopefully, for a long time,” says butchers.

the doctor stressed the importance of maintaining restrictive measures in order to buy time to do “rise of the curve is flatter”.

As explained by the expert, we are not in the end win the coronavirus, and he exhaled. “We need to wait out with minimal losses”, — quotes the words of Alexander Myasnikov RIA Novosti.

the butchers noted that the coronavirus, struggling with immune strength and filtering through them, loses its power. Each time, getting into another organism, the virus becomes a little weaker.

According to the doctor, with a growing number of people infected with coronavirus loses the ability to infect and to kill.

According to the latest data, Russia was 379 051 case of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, 4 142 patients died, 150 993 people recovered.