Dr. Myasnikov was allowed to drink in the heat of the

the TV channel “Russia 1” Dr Alexander Myasnikov advised to drink in the heat not only water, but tea, and even coffee, of the use of which is normally urged to refrain nutritionists.

butchers criticized the popular formula of “25 millilitres per kilogram of body weight” and believes that the best guide to drinking regime – a private hunger. “Information about two liters of water that people supposedly need every day to consume, at all on hearing. The simple truth – the water consumption should be regulated by thirst and not arithmetic. Water you need to drink as much as you want! Do not force yourself to suffer neither thirst, nor force yourself to drink,” said the butchers and explained that the total volume of daily fluids is to include soups, milk drinks, take into account how much water the body loses in the urine, feces and sweat. But even solid food, such as potatoes large amounts of carbohydrates breaks down in the body to carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, the average person weighing 70 kilograms needs to be filled in about 500 milliliters of water and not 2 liters, as previously stated.

a Feeling of thirst is the most accurate controller. It “catches” the concentration of salt in the blood, and, consequently, makes you drink. You do not want to drink? Do not drink. Want to drink? Drink. “And it doesn’t have to be water is any liquid: tea, coffee, soup, in the end,” said the butchers and explained that caffeine in small doses is beneficial to high blood pressure, and core with coronary heart disease and can even prevent arrhythmias and heart attacks. Green tea, like coffee, contains large amounts of polyphenols and other active substances, which reduce not only blood pressure but also reduce the risk of cancer. “Green tea is proven in the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Coffee is proven in the treatment of liver cancer and possibly also prostate” – shared butchers.

a Little somethingsecond, if health allows, it is possible to drink and some dry, preferably red wine. But sugary sodas and fruit juices really should not drink because of the large amount of sugar in them.

He recalled that the fashion for drinking regime emerged only recently: “do You remember mom and grandma we once talked about how much we drink. But this fashion has gone recently.” And often mandatory two liters of water per day is usually that quite a few understand this: beauticians, entertainers, athletes. Recently on air of TV channel “Russia 1” the famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova told about how he almost killed himself by consuming a lot of water on the advice of a doctor.

Earlier, experts checked the quality of bottled water, research has led to unexpected results.