Drawn sketch of a suspect in the assassination of the head of district Nikolay Frolov

In the Internet appeared the sketch of a man who may be involved in the assassination of the head of the Ramonsky district of the Voronezh region Nikolay Frolov. In appearance the suspect is about 50 years old, on her head was a knitted black beanie, dressed in camouflage. Official confirmation of this information yet.

Frolov in the assassination attempt he survived, his condition is stable. Doctors removed his legs from the grenade fragments.

As previously reported, the morning of December 26, Mykola Frolov was going to sit in your KIA Sorrento to go to work. But as soon as he opened the car like an explosion. According to eyewitnesses, an explosive device detonated at about 9 am. Emergency doctors were called by neighbors official who heard a loud explosion.

it was Later revealed that the vehicle was bolted plastic container, which was anti-personnel grenade f-1, from it to the handle of the car dragged on the rope.

Nikolai Frolov was headed by Ramon area in February last year, before that did business in real estate, after which he was elected head of the government Aydarovo village, where was born.

Ramonsky district of the Voronezh region is located 30 kilometers from the regional center, next to the Federal highway M4 “don”, an international airport, major shopping and logistic centers. There’s a lot of cottage settlements, the area is considered prestigious, square footage is not inferior to the price of real estate in the center of Voronezh. But vacant land in this “Voronezh editorial” is almost gone. It is possible that the attack on Frolov was due to the conflict of interests of developers and the district administration.