Driver's license is to be used for services of banks

Ministry of economic development together with the Rosfinmonitoring and the Bank of Russia is developing a bill authorizing the use of a driver’s license to obtain banking services.

the Law is developed in the framework of the digitalization of the economy and the creation of a unified ecosystem to increase the availability of services.

Driving licence will allow the banks to carry out the simplified identification process and to provide services of money transfers, and in the future possibly loans.

the Bank is obliged to identify the new customers for the implementation of the law on fight against legalization of illegal income, money laundering.

Banks have increased for customers, and availability of services. Now it is possible to obtain banking services through the Internet without any supporting document, but only after opening a Bank account with a passport. Perhaps getting a services, and easy to identify, but after entering the biometric data of the client in a single system.

the Driver’s license contains personal information sufficient to identify the information and personality of customers.

In the first stage, the right drivers will allow banks to provide a limited range of services to clients:

– send and receive money without opening a Bank account in the amount of 15 thousand rubles;

– the operation for the purchase or sale of foreign currency in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

This method of identification is based on the practice of leading countries, said the Director of the financial monitoring and compliance of ROSBANK Alexander Popov. But for the identification of citizens with a driver’s license, banks have to spend — it is necessary to modify the software. “In order to reduce potential risks, you may need to create a database of licence to which the financial organizations will ask for authentication”, — told the newspaper “Izvestia” Alexander Popov.

In Russia, to facilitate workflow is plannednadrenia and e-passports — mobile ID. Digital passport completely interchanges the paper counterpart and has the same legal force. It can be used for trips by rail or air transport, medical services and banking operations as well as for proof of age and receipt of public services. A ready mobile app that will complement the usual passport.