Drunk man opened fire from a gun in Tver

In Tver three days later detained the man, who on new year’s night opened fire from a gun in the courtyard of the flats. To find it helped made close hand video published in social networks.

the Incident occurred in one of the courtyards on the street 1-I of Suvorov. The footage shows how standing near a parked car, the man shoots into the air. His companions, firing, apparently, relished, which is not true about the neighbors.

on the Morning of 4 January, the guards announced the arrest of the suspect. The man was drunk, and gripped his feelings on the occasion of the New year decided to Express by means belonging to him shotgun “Vepr-12”. Typically, street arrows are used owolosenie weapons, but this time it went into combat.

the Measure of restraint to the suspect is not yet elected.