Dubai went under water: city were flooded by extreme rains

clearly, the weather had shown their whims in Dubai. Happened extreme for the region, the rains were the strongest for almost thirty years. Travel the streets of the metropolis went under water. Residents of the cars are transplanted to the watercraft. At the airport were blocked hundreds of tourists, including Russians. As the city in the Sands suddenly floated?

the footage, which appeared on the Network, without translation it is clear that a resident of Dubai, sitting on the roof of his car, surprised and annoyed. He could not remember such floods. For the city with an average temperature of +30 what is happening is something out of the ordinary. After the first downpour of Dubai stood in hours-long traffic jam. It was just beginning. The Russian driver told me that it was impossible to travel even from some houses, some streets. Everywhere blocked the road are puddles that can even be called lakes.

Aquatic world — hundreds of cars just drowned, and the rain did not stop. In addition, Dubai was bombarded! This is not bad weather in a resort town, and a natural disaster. Cases are rare, but rescuers even evacuated by helicopter.

Road services now have to restore the collapsed line. At least one person died — he dropped the wall of water washed away the base.

Dubai Airport stopped — hundreds of flights delayed or even canceled. Flooded the runway and the approaches to the terminals.

Any movement on the town knee-deep in water. Buses and taxis are certainly not removed from lines. But where they will pass on such streets-channels? Resourceful citizens come up with how to get out of the situation. Someone does as a vehicle used doors.

All turned to Venice for some period. Not really withstood the rains, many areas.

Instead of the luxury-vacation tourists, including Russian, got quiet family night: dinner, gamesand in the Association. Still famous Dubai Mega Mall was flooded — shopping cancelled. And a business card of Dubai (Burj Khalifa) beat lightning. Even in the lobby won’t go down — water everywhere. Composer, producer Vyacheslav Tyurin said that the situation robs people of a large amount of vacation time. Many were forced to while away their days on the beach and in the hotel.

This is the strongest rains in Dubai for 27 years. But the tourist business quickly comes to life: the status of entertainment in any weather. The rage of the elements I try to present as an unexpected but unforgettable experience.