Due to coronavirus the year of the Rat came to China without a large-scale celebration

In the Chinese city of Wuhan died the doctor who got infected with coronavirus new. Thus, the number of deaths from unknown infection for over forty. Cases – more than two hundred thousand. Quarantined – about 14 thousand people in China.

Listed in the Guinness book of records as the most popular TV show of the world new year gala-concert in China traditionally gathers at the TV half of the population. This time remained the only mass event that authorities decided not to cancel.

Just at the entrance to the now familiar total sanitation. And changed the program of dances and songs from the stage wishes to all affected and thanks to those who during the holidays the last effort struggling with their lives.

the holiday, which China had been waiting for, here is now a little reminiscent of that. Deserted streets, shops, eliminating all fair. For visits shut down even part of the great wall of China. But those who managed to leave town before the official ban of all the celebrations, time decided not to lose.

This, though it’s the year of the white metal rat, but the main color of the holiday in China will still be red. Well, to celebrate the new year here you need certainly bright and loud to disperse the evil spirits. And this year a new coronavirus.

Perhaps it helped the patient in Zhejiang. And the main gift — the first day of the lunar year he won the coronavirus. He was escorted out of the hospital with flowers.

Each statement as a holiday. Because the number of infected is growing. Confirmed cases of diseases under thirteen hundred. And death more and more. Yesterday in Wuhan passed away, and the doctor in the clinic, which first took a viral hit.

In hospitals, the queue of those wishing to pass the examination. There is not trying to fool the thermal imager with antipyretics as it was in the first days of infection. And while in laboratories struggling to create the vaccine prevention of pneumonia rises new traditional Chinese medicine.

However, all this soon for complacency. In traditional red envelopes of “gunbao”, which is new year in China always give money, this time a put the fact that today was for the Chinese is more important than an ordinary mask, while the only thing medicine can offer to protect from infection.