Due to new customs rules having problems with delivery of parcels from abroad

Parcels from abroad, many Russians began to arrive with considerable delay. The problem of the logistics company explained the new customs rules. What’s the matter?

“do you know why in a private office will not be reflected for two parcels at customs hang from the 25th of may?”
“Parcel from may 18 at the customs. When to wait for her???”

Such messages in social networks — thousands. Here and pages of correspondence with carriers, and even links to the collective appeal to the Federal customs service. One of the hanging parcel is in customs since may 20, someone-18.

“In the Domodedovo customs, we got stuck about 40 tons of cargo. It is 25-30 thousand orders. It is 25-30 thousand disgruntled individuals,” says head of the Department of customs clearance Boxberry Alexander Zavalishin.

Problems arose for those who made orders on international online platforms. All of the possible timing of such delivery expired last month. Carriers attributed the delay in the entry into force of the new customs regulations.

“the Problems arose in may when the introduced a new software product. Because now the move to digitization, electronic document circulation and so forth,” — explains the President of the Association of Express carriers, Vladimir Sarkisov.

Indeed, this year began to operate the new rules of customs clearance. In the Declaration for Express shipments is now necessary to specify passport data of the recipient. And this information at customs compare with the data in the Ministry of interior. Such verification takes time. In addition, changed the rules of the customs registers. Previously, carriers were issued a customs Declaration (or the registry) for every 500 packages. Now, however, one Declaration per 100 parcels. That is, the work became many times more.

In the customs service explained that such measures were necessary to prevent smuggling across the border commercialof small quantities of goods.

“the Customs authorities regularly suppress violations of customs legislation in the environment of e-Commerce. In particular, use of an invalid passport data of the recipient. As well as the movement of commercial consignments of goods under the guise of goods for personal use. And this problem is systemic,” — said the first Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov.

While some carriers delay now is 2-3 weeks, others only a day or two.

“currently, we process parcels in a regular mode. Our information system is integrated with the FCS system, so the treatment of parcels is carried out quickly, as always”, — commented Deputy Chairman of the management Board, Deputy General Director for e-Commerce Mail of Russia Alexei Skatin.

In the customs service explain the carriers that operate systemically, no serious problems should arise. And all parcels now make out in the terms specified in the Customs code. At the same time, a number of private carriers indicate failures in the system software: like to make out all the time and according to the rules, and the system of parcels not see.

“There are moments when the representative sends the registries, and custom does not see them. There are times when the issue of registries has occurred, and then the representative does not see that is the issue. Is software faults,” says the head of the Department of customs clearance Boxberry Alexander Zavalishin.

In any case, the current failure is of a temporary nature. From January to may, the Russian customs has issued more than 100 million parcels. Of which the share of Express carriers account for only 4 percent. And later, these 4 percent after the inspection and proper execution of all declarations have yet to reach the final recipient.