Dujarric recalled U.S. obligations under the UN

the U.S. must comply with visa obligations of the host country of the headquarters of the UN, said the official representative of the Secretary-General of the international organization Stefan Dujarric, commenting on the fact of denial of us visa to the Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Speaking at a briefing on Tuesday, January 7, Dujarric confirmed that the UN will continue to participate in the solution of visa problems of the representatives of States who want to arrive at her event.

“Agreement on relations with the host country must be fulfilled”, — said Dujarric, quoted by TASS.

however, the question of issuing visas specifically to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran he had forwarded to a’s representative missions of Iran and the United States.

Javad Zarif wanted to come to a meeting of the UN Security Council January 9, but was refused a visa. Commenting on this fact, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the American side will act in accordance with commitments to the UN.