During protests in Kentucky, killing one of the demonstrators, one injured

on Saturday Evening, June 27, at least one person was killed during a demonstration in Louisville (Kentucky, USA), connected with the death of African-American women Brianna Taylor. About the incident, reports the Associated Press.

it is reported that the man died as a result of gunshot wounds. In the Park in the city centre, where the assembled participants of the rally, unknown persons opened fire. Another victim was taken to the hospital. The doctors say that his life is not in danger. Currently, law enforcement officers are investigating the incident.

March 13, three police officers entered the apartment, where, according to them, stored the drugs. In the apartment there was Brianna Taylor and her friend, came into the shootout with the police. In the shooting of a sleeping Taylor was murdered.

Her death has attracted the attention of human rights organizations and the media. One of the guards involved in the shooting, was fired.

In recent years in the United States, with special attention to violations in the work of the police, reminds TASS. the reason for this was the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA).

After the death of Floyd in the United States and Europe began mass protests against the infringement of the rights of black people, clashes with police, and numerous cases of vandalism and looting.