The bike has been in the past year, 200. For over two centuries, it has steadily gained in appeal and fascination – because the product has been continuously improved and refined. The industry posted in the last few years, a regular source of new sales and turnover records. This is above all due to the electrification of the bike.

Because of the trade recorded last year, when sales are falling (down five percent) and a turnover increase of three percent. The price is on the higher average and the reason for the higher price level, in turn, the increase in the number of E-Bikes in the Bicycle market, which are more expensive than conventional bicycles. As a buyer in 2017, paid an average of 698 Euro for a bike, almost nine percent more than in the previous year.

Each of the fifth wheel has an electric Motor

Meanwhile, every fifth sold wheel, an electrically powered. 720.000 PCs were bought in the last year, which is a Plus compared to the previous year by 19 percent. This year, the two-Wheeler industry Association (ZIV) assumes that the 850,000-sold E-Bikes. Most of the bikes – more than two-thirds – are bought in stores. “In the case of E-Bikes, the share is likely to be even higher, because these wheels are, due to their technology consulting-intensive,” says David Eisenberger, marketing Manager at ZIV.

The largest market share of electric bicycles, E-city bikes, E-trekking bikes and E-mountain bikes follow. “Almost all of the model groups of bikes are today with electric motor, and depending on the application, the engine serves a different purpose,” says Eisenberger.

example electric bike: the Motor usually is an add-on drive that can be finely dosed. The motors are smaller than usual and the battery is easier, because road bikes should be as simple as possible. Quite different is the cargo bike. There is a robust and powerful engines to be built, with endurance battery pack is being charged. Both model groups are of the numbers here are small, but nevertheless growth segments.

What you should consider when buying an E-bike?

there is no other answer than when you buy a bike without a Motor, the Decisive factor is the purpose for which the wheel is to be used. Who wants to commute from the apartment to the train station, has chosen a road bike incorrect. “To narrow the selection, you should tell the seller in the trade, for what occasion you need the bike and how much you want to spend,” says Eisenberger.

During a test drive can then be used to find out whether the E-Bike. However, the E-Bikes to be different than conventional wheels, you must be mentally prepared. The electric drive makes you faster and harder. The models also differ in where the engine is installed: in the rear, in the Front or in the middle. “Wherein the means of drive probably will prevail, because that is where the optimal center of gravity for the weight is,” says Eisenberger.

When selecting a battery, choose money, weight, and optics. A Trend are batteries in the frame, but also as an attachment to the sub-frame and the Luggage rack. The battery range and the infrastructure for Loading, in contrast to cars, bikes are not a problematic issue. The range depends on the selected level of Support of the engine, as well as the topography, it is between 60 and 120 kilometres per battery charge. “It’ll be enough, because even on an E-Bike are not overcome 100 kilometers at a stretch so easily,” says Eisenberger.

the power storage can be Charged at a normal household power outlet. How long this takes depends on the capacity of the battery and the charger used. In case of a completely empty battery, the Charging takes between two and seven hours.

E-Bikes, E-Bikes-an Overview

Basically, A Bicycle in the legal sense this means the motorcycle remains only if the engine supports up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h the driver and he has a maximum continuous rated power of 250 watts. Only then the wheel may be driven without a licence and helmet.

We have summarized briefly in the Following, which E-Bike is for what purpose.