Earthquake in Turkey: the death toll rose to 20

the death toll in the earthquake in Eastern Turkey has grown at least 20 people, at least 1015 people were injured. This is the last data of the Turkish Department for emergency situations and natural disasters.

Earlier it was reported 19 dead and about 800 injured. Reported the deaths of 14 people in the province of elazığ and another six in the province of Malatya. The earthquake of magnitude 6.8 was recorded yesterday in the Eastern province of Elazig at 20:55 (time coincides with Moscow). The disaster has also affected the neighboring province of Malatya province, tremors were felt in other regions of the country, and also in Israel, Iraq and Syria.

at least nine people, the rescuers managed to free from the rubble, reports TASS. According to Turkish TV channel TRT, the search for victims continues. According to Ministry of health of Turkey, after the earthquake under the rubble were at least 39 people.

Now, on-scene rescuers work from all regions of Turkey. Cellular operators have announced free communication services in the earthquake zone. Homeless people are temporarily accommodated in schools, sports halls, hostels and libraries.

According to the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Turkey, Irina Kasimova, citing preliminary information from local authorities, Russians among victims are not present.