Ecologists of Russia celebrate their professional holiday

Today is world environment Day. In Russia celebrate the professional holiday of ecologists. Conservationists daily care for our planet.

Day of ecology the scientific staff of the nature reserve “Black earth” meet at work from quadcopter watch pink pelicans. Now the birds nestling period.

“Black earth” is the only Russian reserve, where he studied flora and fauna of steppes and deserts. But his most important asset – the saiga is a rare antelope species from the red book.

In 2015 on the territory of Russia there were only 3 500. In five years, the scientists were able to increase the population to eight. Neighbouring Kalmykia, Volgograd oblast. Environmentalists save is not a separate species, and the whole protected area Volga — Akhtuba floodplain.

the Area of the international biosphere reserve by UNESCO every year of the period of water shortage. Rehabilitation of the floodplain became part of the national project “Improvement of the Volga.” Specialists build waterworks, clear streams and lakes. For five years, revived 93 of the reservoir. The work goes stage by stage.

And in forest nurseries of the Volgograd region employees were moved to its own planting material. Seeds of trees resistant to dry climate. The painstaking and carefully planted the seeds of an acacia. As soon as the sprouts germinate and grow seedlings for next spring, will be planted in the forests of the Volgograd region.

to Preserve nature for future generations is one of the amendments to the Constitution. It was made by the representatives of the environmental community. In short, the law will protect not only citizens, but also all living organisms, as well as reserves. This is important, especially now.