Ecopatrol DUNLOP urged to contribute to preservation of the environment

Dunlop Tire CIS and Dmitrovskiy Zavod RTI began accepting used tires for recycling. Environmental programme the eco-patrol DUNLOP started in June 2020, on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region. Tires of cars and trucks-free to put in a special branded containers. In addition to fixed containers in the Russian capital and the Moscow region will be held offsite raids — employees of the company Dunlop Tire CIS will collect discarded tyres free of charge or pick them up for recycling from businesses or individuals.

Every year in Russia comes into disrepair more than a million tons of tires. Tires are wastes of hazard class IV. They are subject to mandatory disposal, since improperly disposed tires can cause serious harm to the environment.

the Result of environmental initiatives eco-patrol DUNLOP will be the construction of a Playground in the Moscow region in August 2020. Dunlop Tire CIS part of the Japanese Corporation SUMITOMO Rubber Industries Ltd. The company invites motorists and volunteers become part of a team of eco-patrol and participate in collection and recycling of used tyres to contribute to the preservation of the ecology of the planet and clean nature for children. Read more about the project can be viewed at