Efremov not pleaded guilty to a drunken fatal outcome

Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev said that his client will not admit his guilt in committing the fatal accidents in the centre of Moscow.

“More anything I will not explain, it is premature. That is the crime he did not commit,” said Pashayev, TV channel “Moscow-24”.

he recalled Efremov willingness to pay (indemnify), “because the accident involved his car.”

Earlier the lawyer of the actor said that he tries to keep him in the dark about the situation as possible. However, on 3 July are investigation and Ephraim will have to know some details of the process.

the fatal Accident occurred in the center of Moscow less than a month ago. Ephraim jeep drove into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with a car, at the wheel which was the courier Sergey Zakharov.

He from traumatized died. It was later established that Yefremov was drunk in his blood was found banned substance.

the Actor is under house arrest. If convicted, he faces up to 12 years in prison.