Efremov will be under house arrest until at least August 9

the house at Plotnikov pereulok, where he is serving house arrest the perpetrators of the fatal accident, Mikhail Efremov, staffed by journalists. Many of them have been here practically all night. In the apartment of the artist began a search in which Yefremov attended personally. Here, law enforcement officials brought police dogs. This is not a standard procedure in such situations. According to operative data, in the apartment of actor could be detected by drugs. This was stated on air of TV channel “Russia 1” correspondent of VGTRK Vitaly Karmazin.

According to him, the day before three of the news Agency, citing its sources reported that the results of medical examination it became clear that the blood of Ephraim traces of not only alcohol but also illicit drugs.

“Also, there were signs of marijuana in the liver supposedly detected the decay products of cocaine and traces of a powerful sleeping pill, which is issued with a prescription. If you believe this information, it is not surprising that Mikhail Efremov was at the time of the accident in such a deranged state he didn’t realize where it was located, and something mumbled incoherently,” explained the reporter.

Karmazin confirmed that the night after the accident, the actor spent in the police Department, and to sleep went to his friends. After he sobered up, he was taken to court, where Yefremov admitted his guilt and did not deny that he committed the accident. A judge put him under house arrest in Plotnikov pereulok, where the artist will stay at least until August 9.

Reporter noted that from here, from carpenters lane, Ephraim, began his drunken voyage. The actor drove to his favorite bar “Ulysses” and then the drunk continued to skate in Moscow until, until he made a fatal accident.

with regard to home arrest, Mikhail Efremov, the court imposed a number of prohibitions: it is forbidden to use the telephone, Internet and out of the house. He can call itonly in a medical service or law enforcement agencies, but should warn the investigators.

it is Curious that Ephraim was obliged to wear without removing the electronic bracelet. Generally, it fastens on the leg. And to monitor compliance with these requirements should a corrections officer. But today, according to Karmazin, it became known that the Moscow Prosecutor personally ordered that and the Prosecutor’s office also watched as the artist will comply with these measures.

“Given all this sensational story, it cannot be excluded that Yefremov will break at least one a ban: for example, out of the house to the nearest store. If the artist violates the terms of house arrest, then automatically the investigators will be able to go back to court with the petition for election to it is another preventive measure. Typically, this would be the arrest for two months, and then Mikhail Efremov will go to jail,” concluded the reporter.