The Europa League game between PSV Eindhoven and FC Sevilla was overshadowed by a bad incident. In the final phase of the game on Thursday evening, an Eindhoven supporter ran onto the pitch and attacked guest goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic (31) with a punch. At that point it was 1-0 to Eindhoven (3-1 on aggregate to Sevilla after the first leg).

The goalkeeper was able to fend off the attacker and wrestle to the ground. The hooligan then tried to kick the Serb lying on the ground. The goalkeeper didn’t let that happen to him and brought the chaotic man under control until security came and took the trailer away. Dmitrovic escaped unscathed. Nevertheless, there were crazy moments at the game in the Netherlands.

The evening was also needed for Sevilla in terms of sport – in the end it was 0:2. But the 3-0 from the first leg was still enough for them to progress. After the game, Dmitrovic described the incident to the media: “He came and pushed me in the back. He was probably angry about the result and a bit mad or drunk, but if someone attacks me, I defend myself. He tried to hit me, but I was able to hold him and wait for security to arrive. It’s never nice to see something like that in football, it shouldn’t happen and I hope something like that gets punished.”

Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli (62) also commented on the bad scenes: “It’s very sad that this happened. I find it disturbing. These things have to stop. We must all work towards this. That must not happen again.”

PSV managing director Marcel Brands (60) is quoted on the website of the Dutch newspaper “AD” as follows: “I have no words for it. It’s terrible. We have to take tough action and make sure he never comes back to the stadium.”