El Betis Baloncesto Faces Uncertain Future

The situation surrounding Betis Baloncesto remains a contentious issue, with an uncertain outlook in recent times. After the end of the season, the future of the team acquired by the Verdiblancos in 2016 continues to be a mystery. President Ángel Haro recently addressed the situation, stating, “I’m not sure. There are people who want to buy the spot. I would like to continue, and it would be sad if Seville didn’t have basketball.”

In addition to a potential sale, there is also the possibility of Betis Baloncesto exchanging their spot with a LEB Plata team in exchange for financial compensation. The recent developments involving the Mexican group XOY once again place the Heliopolitan entity in the difficult position of having to take charge of the basketball team.

Haro also called on public administrations for support, emphasizing the importance of the sport for the community. “Behind this, there are 2,700 children playing basketball. If the administrations don’t realize that, we will try to keep the children involved, but not the professional area. The Betis club reached the limit of the liquidation club and we helped, we were promised aid and it hasn’t materialized,” said the president.

This is not the first time Haro has made these statements, and the future of Betis Baloncesto remains uncertain. “I am sensitive to this. If it happens, each administration will have to bear its responsibility. We are supporting 95% of the budget,” warned the club president. Despite football being the main focus at Betis, the basketball issue remains unresolved, and the club is exploring options for the upcoming year. Whether through a sale of the spot or an exchange, the team, which came close to reaching the ‘Final Four’ for promotion despite the challenges, is navigating the situation.

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