Manchester City President Deems Suspicions of Financial Violations “Frustrating” | The Daily News

On June 5, 2024, at 10:34 PM, Manchester City’s president, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, expressed his frustration with the frequent references to suspicions of financial violations committed by his club, which recently secured its fourth consecutive English championship.

“It is indeed frustrating, the constant mention of this is always frustrating,” he stated to the club’s media. “The way it is discussed, I am obviously sorry for our fans, for everyone associated with the club.”

Acquired in 2008 by an investment fund from the Emirates, City has been under scrutiny by the Premier League for over a hundred possible breaches of financial rules since 2009.

“As a club, we must respect the fact that there is a process we must follow. It takes longer than what people expect, but that’s how it is,” Al Mubarak added.

On Tuesday, The Times revealed that Manchester City had filed a complaint against the Premier League and its sponsorship contract regulations, citing potential “discrimination.”

In February, the competition tightened the rules on commercial sponsorship deals with companies linked to club owners.

The financial prowess of City is partly due to the financial support from Etihad Airways, an airline based in Abu Dhabi, whose brand appears on the team’s blue jersey.