At least not a Heckler rifle

Once again, a mass murderer misused this rifle, which is referred to as the Americans’ favorite assault rifle and is based on a basic development by the traditional manufacturer Colt. However, in 2019 he announced that he would discontinue production of the model for the civilian market due to overcapacity.

There are numerous other manufacturers that make AR-15 style guns, such as Smith

In no other country in the world are there more weapons per inhabitant and thus good business opportunities for manufacturers. In April 2022 alone, around 1.35 million firearms are said to have been sold in the USA.

The most recent elementary school massacre came just 10 days after a mass murder at a convenience store in the US city of Buffalo, in which an 18-year-old shot dead 10 people with a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle, also an AR-15 rifle -Style.

Weapons experts are now expecting a macabre domino effect from the latest attacks, which has been observed in the long history of similar acts: because many US citizens now fear a tightening of gun laws, purchases are brought forward as long as this is possible. Massacres are therefore by no means a sales brake for arms manufacturers, as long as laws are not actually changed.

The civilian US arms market is an Eldorado for American and European suppliers such as SIG Sauer, Glock from Austria and Heckler

The former German arms manufacturer SIG Sauer has completely stopped production in Germany and instead manufactures in the USA with a significant market share. In the 2020 financial year – more recent figures are not available – the order intake in the SIG Sauer Group doubled to 1.43 billion euros. The increase “resulted mainly from the strong increase in demand in the US commercial market,” the company said in the Federal Gazette.


A good third of its total turnover comes from H


The most recent massacres will certainly be discussed there, and the NRA will again explain what is always explained by the lobby group after massacres: not fewer, but more weapons are needed – just in the right hands. “A bad man with a gun can only be stopped by a good man with a gun,” the NRA reasoned.

Heckler made a similar statement

In addition to the renewed discussion about stricter gun laws in the United States, gun manufacturers are also observing another development with concern: In February, the families of nine victims of a 2012 shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School reached a $73 million settlement with the gun manufacturer . 20 first graders and six teachers were killed in the massacre.

An AR-15 rifle was also used here, made by the US manufacturer Remington. The sales company and the shop were also sued. Now the case could possibly serve as a template for new lawsuits and increase the business risk of the arms manufacturers for distribution in the USA.

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