Elizabeth II released Prince Harry Markle and into a new life with the condition

In Britain, the Queen holds the family Council. On the carpet caused by Prince Harry. He and his wife abandoned his Royal duties and privileges and decided to go to America. If they are not released and Harry and Meghan Markle threatened to give interviews to Oprah Winfrey and to give all the secrets of the yard. Such a scandal was not since the divorce, Princess Diana.

Journalists occupied the outskirts of the estate of Sandringham, where the fate of Prince Harry. In addition to himself Elizabeth II invited the heir to the throne Prince Charles, Prince William, plus helpers and assistants who have worked for several days trying to find options to resolve the current crisis. Unprecedented what about the Royal summit was announced in advance — usually such meetings are not publicized. But the conversation still goes on behind closed doors in a room that is called the “long library”.

the Grandfather of Prince Philip of Edinburgh today, January 13, left the manor. Spouse Harry Megan is now in Canada, she was going to join the discussion by phone. To talk about. Harry says that he intends to refuse the execution of the Royal duties is going to divide his time between the UK and North America and, moreover, to become financially independent.

Elizabeth II must decide whether to keep Harry and his wife, Megan of Royal titles, at whose expense will be secured and whether they be financial support from the yard. As far as we know, is now the main income to him come from his father, Prince Charles. The safety of Harry and Megan provided at taxpayers ‘ expense — the exact amount is unknown, but experts say that the price tag can reach a million pounds a year. Much will depend on Executive functions that will agree to be Harry. For plans for connected government — the press has flashed a possible General lipsErnesta in Canada, but all on the level of rumors. William and Harry have been forced to refute an article appeared that the crisis was caused by the fault of the elder brother, who had been on the Junior excessive pressure. In any case, Britons shocked by the crisis in the Royal family.

Elizabeth II last appeared in public on Sunday, January 12. She attended a local Church. It was first seen with a hearing aid.

the villagers remember how warmly welcomed Meghan Markle when she first got here. Apparently, in the near future in England she does not intend to return. Together with son Archie, it is located in a Villa near Vancouver, Canada. Mansion worth $ 14 million, called Thousand flowers owned by billionaire Frank Giustra. He is known to have financial interests in Hollywood and is friends with the couple, the Clintons. Megan has already made the first steps of returning to show business. She signed a contract with the Disney Studio for voice-over dubbing. And the press got a video in which Harry actually acted as producer of his wife, trying to persuade to give her a job the head of Disney Bob iger.

Write that Megan wanted to move not to Canada, and in Los Angeles, but only after the presidency will leave the Donald trump. She’s a big opponent of the current President of the USA and each time found an excuse not to attend official events, when he arrived in London.

But most of all in the Royal family are afraid of what Megan might start to give too candid interview, for example, her friend Oprah Winfrey. Supporters of the monarchy can’t forgive Harry and Megan determine that they carried the dirty linen in public, making your dramatic statement.

Sources in the Royal court saying that Elizabeth II is not going to delay the resolution of this crisis, if you are going to meet in a few days. Will made some kind of statement following today’s meeting, while neizknown.

Just learned that the Queen had issued a statement on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Elizabeth II announced that he respects the decision of his grandson with his wife to live separately, but prefer to keep them. A young family would not get money from the British budget. Members of the Royal family agreed on a “transitional period”. Until all the formalities are done, Harry and Megan will move to the United States. Instead, they will live in Britain and in Canada.