Ella Pamfilova: the compulsion to vote on the amendments to the Constitution will be hard to stop

Willingness to vote in the final stage. Moreover, 24 plots in remote areas are already working and take the voices of our fellow citizens. 25 Jun begins the action that will last a week before the main day — July 1.

“1 July to 6 days,” — said in the broadcast channel “Russia 24” the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.

– In this regard, there are some issues. The main one being how will the security of ballots used? Where will they be stored, whether exhibited some protection in areas?

“I would have corrected you: is not used, and ballot papers on which our citizens, those that voted, voted for each of the six days before the main voting day on 1 July, which was appointed by the President — corrects Ella Pamfilova. — Because, Yes, you are right, we have a vote count of ballots will be made after the voting on the territory of Russia, that is far beyond 20 hours local time on 1 July. And really for us this is a very important task was to ensure maximum safety and reliability of the ballots, to, God forbid, no not one of them touched until the moment when in the presence of the press and observers of the Board members will count the votes.

We even safe in this regard – all of our fee bought a special safe packages, each of which is individually numbered.

At the end of each day of voting, for example, passed June 25, arrived colleagues – a number of members of the Commission who was on the road, voting outside the room, brought the portable boxes with the ballot papers, and in parallel, from 8 am to 20 PM, starting June 25, the vote is fixed in the ballot boxes in the plot. At the end, that is after 20.00, in the presence of observers (I say, if the press wants is her right!), moreover, we havenow no less than 61, the region introduced video surveillance, to voting day, and will increase this number. And the public total control of the ballots the members of the Commission of the portable or stationary boxes is poured into these bags so that, God forbid, do not touch the Bulletin. The bags very tightly closed, there is provided a sealing system that just to open them is impossible without damage. In this case, the ballots are not recalculated, they just peresypaya and that’s all! The bags are Sealed. Members of the Commission sign. We also asked to sign the same observers if they wish. Moreover, those who want to take a picture of the unique individual number of safe packets, can do it. That is each safe package sealed ballot papers brought from specific designated voting premises. That is, it is already clear where and who voted.

moreover, an act, he distributed to the Commission members and observers. It all can be photographed. Also offers special pocket for safe package. All on a plot locked in a safe or in a place which meets the requirements of the safety. Also all sealed. Moreover, the room will be guarded by law enforcement officers. That is more than 100 percent safety secured in this way. And at the end of each day of voting, I repeat, July 1, after 20.00 in the presence of the press, all observers the official vote is done. And will feature papers that such and such a plot is all asteroida us. We make it very hard!”

– MS Pamfilova, the last time a large amount of information you receive about the alleged coercion of state employees to vote. It is clear that all of this information requires a detailed study and determine how it meets reality. However, what is your attitude to such information stuffing? Keeps track of whether the CEC such stuffing? And is there any formal complaints of this nature, which have already been made?

“You know, the result is obvious! – responsible Pamfilova. We’re such a powerful unprecedented preventive measures used to eliminate the administrative resource. And this is our preventive work has yielded results.

Today I specially at the session the Central election Commission directly announced! That is, the list is so short that to me in a few minutes succeeded in broaching all those organizations which, presumably, might have been coercion. Why “presumably”? There is a presumption of innocence, we all pass the police, they have to investigate, and finally to give its verdict.

But we used to have when elections are held, we measure thousands of cases by regions. We have now all of the complaints that are associated with the alleged use of administrative resources, the whole country little more than 50 appeals in the entire country! This at least we never had! And the vast majority of — 20-something – to Moscow, and 20-something – to Saint Petersburg. This is also a negligible amount, and we today all of these organizations listed. Citizens, to their credit, came responsibly, this is not some fakie. Understand that in the vast sea of fakes and false information created by the information flow! One blogger came up with, 10 – replicate, and a feeling that right EN masse! Actually, we without superfluous words, quietly, carefully of all this debris removed these bits, which is confirmed not by some “we grandmother said” or someone anonymous said something, and word of mouth or a broken phone, smashed. And those citizens who are not anonymous who have signed up real citizens, they are not afraid to do it, wrote their coordinates and addresses, clearly called the head of the organization, which in different ways tried people prinouwait for them in a particular area signed up, threatened that they will control how they will vote, just turned out to be just isolated cases across multiple regions. And 20-something – in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It all transferred to the mayor, the Governor, transferred to the Prosecutor’s office in these cities. And most importantly, I today across the country voiced to the media and public control is carefully treated it. One thing some institution in one city, in one entity, one entity has in another entity. But, it is very important to teach it! Nobody has the right people to force, it is in our Constitution guaranteed, and now even more will be fixed, if the citizens support the right of people to freedom of expression. And we clearly, I think, worked preventive! But don’t let it loose!

Now every this case will be under steadfast control of our commissions, observers, of which we will be more than ever, and we close… we Have all stages, in all types of vote must be present, observers and media representatives – we now have accredited quite a lot – also absolutely free, they have the right lighting, be present for all procedures. That is, we each case we take under control not only during voting, but the results, that no zealous, ardent administrator for their purposes then the person is not subjected to any discrimination, especially dismissal or anything of that kind. That is, it is tightly controlled in each of these cases. If something else goes — it’s all at the moment – just take control and direct law enforcement agencies, we have clear communication with all law enforcement, and I hope that the order we provide. Not what I hope, I’m sure.”

– the possibility of freedom of expression has also been influenced by the increased number of voting options. Rightscorrectly I understand? This home-based voting, and the mechanism of “Mobile voter,” which gives the right to vote is not the place of residence, not by place of registration, and by place of residence. It is including electronic voting. Here’s how it will in this connection be ensured anonymity and calculation for the aggregate of all votes?

“first, do we have our system ahead of, has gone far ahead compared with many even very developed democratic countries. We have an unprecedented “Mobile voter,” QR-coding, video surveillance and many other procedures, it is simply unparalleled in the world. And, indeed, it extends the capabilities of our citizens, the voters, to vote where he’s comfortable where he is, and especially in the conditions of let and the sharp improvement in the situation of pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, but still this is a situation in which we will have for a very long time to live and observe safety measures, — stressed the head of the CEC of Russia. In these conditions, we overreacted to security measures has ruled out any possibility of infection during the voting. These 7 days they allow people to create queues, the crowds disperse people participating in the voting, and many other procedures. Of course this is very important. Why is it so popular “Mobile voter,” he provides, especially in the context of a pandemic, remote the opportunity to apply. We remotely almost 200 thousand applications submitted 170 something. And voting at home, we also has different forms. It is absolutely non-contact, safe. In this case we are neither observers, nor members of the Commission are not included in the apartment. We believe that in this case the apartment or house is such a big booth for secret voting.

with regard to remote electronic voting, since we have only two regions – Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region is a part of thist, the law allowed it, we are obliged to comply with the law. They asked, we’ve picked out 5 of the applications that were received, the most prepared, in our opinion, regions, and very active residents of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region take part in this. With regards to guarantee the reliability of the result, a very complex situation here: observe on the one hand the secrecy of voting on the other hand control. And we tried to do it all. That is, I think we have here a specially created territorial election Commission, observers from a pool of people who understand the specifics of electronic distance voting, who know, what points should such a test, what to track. And we hope that everything will be fine. That is, it is now in demand. I hope that all will be well.”