Ella Pamfilova: the vote passed with dignity and under the supervision of observers

“Everything was done to ensure that voting went very worthy. It was worthy. We coped with this very difficult task. Standing barely alive, but happy!”, — said the TV channel “Russia 1” the Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation, Ella Pamfilova, commenting on the results of the last voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

According to the CEC head, was able to conduct a more sophisticated campaign the likes of which have never been yet. “We coped together with the observers, media representatives, and most importantly, with the voters”, she said.

Ella Pamfilova said that the citizens reacted to the vote very seriously and freely expressed their will. And the CEC, in turn, did everything possible for the event to come at a convenient day to choose the method of voting. Also provide all personal protective equipment.

Not marred the nice mood of the CEC Chairperson and the few violations that were recorded on the plots. In particular, the case of a woman who tried from under the shirt discreetly stuffing extra ballots. “It is a tiny isolated cases”, — said Ella Pamfilova. The system is designed so that it immediately brings them. I don’t know what this woman’s head, but it was immediately clear that it cannot remain undetected”.

CEC Head also told about the large-scale preparations for the vote. “This time we came prepared. If we had trailed in the Wake of that trend, we asked well-funded people with the task of discrediting, but this time we took the summons, formed the stream to prevent possible provocations,” she said.

At the same time, Ella Pamfilova stated that they had prepared a lot of various provocations. To prevent them failed due to the fact that were constantly open discussion of where and how to fabricate provocations. “Our the people prepared for him, came fully armed. We spent a lot of their prevention efforts, but they are justified. So will continue”, — assured the head of the CEC.

meanwhile, she noted that the electoral Commission always listen to criticism: “We love the critics, who essentially criticize us and allows us to improve the system. We always say thank you.”

the High turnout on the ballot during a pandemic Ella Pamfilova connects not only with good security and protection. “Our people are not so primitive to be carried out on the mask. Remedies given people more confidence that they will be safe. But the main thing is people understand the essence of what is proposed by the President and how this will determine their fate, the fate of their families and country,” she explained, adding that the CEC, in turn, did everything possible for the citizens were informed not only about where, when and how to vote, but also about the nature of the amendments. And also provided the opportunity to people who want to Express their will, to make it as convenient and secure. “This is an additional important factor and it also played a role. If it was not coming it would be less”, — said the CEC head.

She also compared the voting at polling stations in Russia and in the UK: “We have specially made such great cuts from all countries, I have instructed my colleagues. We especially “liked” the vote in the parliamentary elections in the UK, in pubs, in containers or dry cleaners. We had no vote either on the stumps or in the trunk”. According to Pamfilova, the corresponding photos or video were done on purpose.

the CEC Chairman considers that the vast majority of us it was well secured. “I understand that someone more like Hollywood scenery. Our Russia such as it is. Everything was natural and, most importantly, under costralem observers. For us, Russia is the best”, — said Ella Pamfilova.

as for electronic voting, then, according to the CEC head, the request was more than I thought. “We are very cautious, because the new system before the end of the imperfect, and afraid that it might affect legitimacy. So, at the risk, gave the go-ahead to only two regions. Will work further on this, thoughtfully and carefully, to apply across the country. I want to emphasize that it is in any case not replace the traditional voting system, so people can have a right of choice”, — said Pamfilova.

the Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia has processed 100% of protocols. Amendments to the Constitution on the national vote supported 77,92 % came to the polls. Against the amendments in favor of 21.27% of voters. According to the latest data, the total turnout was 67,97%. Champions in the support for the amendments began to Chechnya, Tuva and the Crimea. For amendments to the Constitution voted 57 million 700 thousand people. It 52,95% of all eligible Russians.