Emergencies Minister assured Putin that collected in Norilsk fuel will not burn

to Burn spilled in Norilsk petroleum products will not, they will collect in a sealed container, promised the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, emergency situations Minister Yevgeny Senichev during a video conference between the Novo-Ogarev and Norilsk. She discussed the elimination of emergency after the leakage of oil at the CHP-3. Video conferencing live broadcast channel “Russia 24”. The fuel leak is localized.

“the Terrain is difficult, waterlogged, — said the head of the Russian state Senichev. — It is assumed to have here a sealed container, place them around the bed of the river to collect oil products and to further remove and dispose”.

to Burn the recovered oil is impossible from an environmental point of view, continued the head of the Ministry. The collected oil is stored in barrels, and then will remove appliances for recycling.

the Spread fell in the river stopped the oil booms.

the oil spill from one of storage tanks of diesel fuel at TPP-3 of Norilsk took place on 29 may. The tank was damaged after a sudden subsidence of the supports of the Foundation. From the tank flowed about 21 thousand cubic meters of fuel.

the company Norilsk Nickel is the main cause of the accident believe the global warming in the permafrost. This is what led to the movement of the supports under the fuel tanks.

Vladimir Putin has asked the General Director “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin how much is a fuel tank. Potanin said that the order of hundreds of millions of rubles. Then the President asked another question: and how many can make the damage from the accident. The head of Rosprirodnadzor noted that the elimination of the accident can amount to billions of rubles.

“you see, addressed with 24 billion dollars as of Potanin Putin and gave him the lesson of stewardship. – If time has changed the capacity, would not have to spend billions.”

Potanin after the accident for one day lost about $ 1.4 billion.