Emergency workers rescued a cat accidentally washed owners

the Cats tend to sleep wherever they want. The desire to take a NAP turned out for this one tailed almost loss of life, but rescuers managed to prevent the tragedy.

About the incident reported on the website of EMERCOM in the Tyumen region. The incident occurred on 4 June. Rescuers received a call for help. Residents of one of the apartments told me that I turned on the washing machine, and only after a while through the glass hatch saw a cat. They assume that the animal got into the drum to sleep.

Masters tried to get the cat yourself, but this failed because the washing machine had previously been opened problematic only with a knife and such tools. Emergency workers were able to get the cat out of the drum with the help of improvised means. Thanks to the timely actions of pet owners and rescuers, the animal was not injured.