Employee car smashed stolen from the Deputy head of russiatourism SUV

Deputy head of the Federal tourism Agency Sergey Korneev at the time was his Range Rover Sport. The officer drove the SUV to the car wash, not expecting that it will go to ride one of the employees and gets into an accident. The accident caught in the lens of a surveillance camera.

service on the School street Korney drove your car in the morning on December 29. A few hours later, around 11:15, the SUV knocked down a fence in the street Savushkina, in this case, the wheel was 26-year-old employee of a car wash. To arrange an accident he did not, and fled the scene, returning the keys to the administrator.

something was Wrong the owner found out in the late afternoon, when I came to pick up Range Rover Sport. A clear explanation of where his car was, he had not received, and therefore went to the police.

the Suspect — a citizen of Belarus — until detained.

Korneev was appointed Deputy head of Federal tourism Agency at the end of 2014, remains the Vice-President of the Russian Union of travel industry.