Employees of Sputnik in Estonia resigned because of pressure from the authorities

From January 1, 2020, the members of the Estonian Bureau of the Agency “Sputnik”, which belongs to the MIA “Russia today”, were forced to terminate the employment relationship with this organization due to the pressure of the authorities. This was stated by the head of the permanent mission of the MIA “Russia today” in the Republic of Estonia Elena Cheryshev.

According to her, the police and border guard Board of Estonia has put each of them an ultimatum: either they tear up labor agreements with the International information Agency “Russia today” never work in Sputnik Estonia, or they will take criminal proceedings, reports TASS.

Cheryshev also noted that it is impossible to risk the lives of people. Therefore, from 1 January, the editorial staff resigned from Sputnik Estonia and MIA “Russia today”.

However, according to the head of the permanent mission of the MIA “Russia today” in the Republic of Estonia the activity of the site isn’t finished. He will continue to work in full. “We will try to recover as quickly as possible,” said Cheryshev.

It added that fighting for the right to work, the site staff are fighting for the right readers in Estonia and beyond to obtain full information. Most importantly, in her opinion, to readers every day, open the site and appreciate the information, comments and insights. “It’s called “freedom of speech”. Unfortunately, we in Estonia today, it is not,” said Cheryshev.

this Autumn, branches of foreign banks in Estonia had frozen the transfer of funds to the needs of the Estonian office. The landlord demanded that the staff of the Agency until the end of February left the room in Tallinn. In MIA “Russia today” said that the Estonian authorities threatened the employees of “Sputnik” HSholovnyi business, if they don’t stop labour relations with the parent organization. In Tallinn attribute this to the sanctions that may threaten the Agency of making in the European black list of the General Director of MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev.

Vladimir Putin called the pressure on Sputnik in Estonia is an amazing cynicism. Foreign Minister of Estonia Urmas Reinsalu promised to give the Commissioner of OSCE on freedom of the media with comprehensive explanations regarding restrictions on the work of the news Agency of the Russian Federation “Companion”.