Employees Sputnik Estonia are forced to stop working with MIA

the Agency Sputnik Estonia from 1 January 2020 to officially cease the employment relationship with the editorial Board of the MIA “Russia today” because of the threat of criminal prosecution by the authorities of the country.

As the channel “Russia 24” reports that the world community has informed a press-service of “Russia today”.

it notes that the decision — a forced, and was taken under unprecedented pressure and the threat to the freedom of journalists. In edition treat him with understanding and support.

the statement also called the actions of Tallinn against the citizens of the country “bullying, lawlessness, manifestation of totalitarianism and a grave violation of the principles of freedom of speech.”

IN MIA “Russia today” also appealed to several international human rights organizations with a request to Express their position on the actions of the Estonian authorities.

on 30 December, the OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir, said that the desire of the authorities of Estonia to extend the personal sanctions of the EU against Director General MIA “Russia today” on the team Sputnik Estonia creates a problem in the field of media freedom.

Previously, the police and border guard Board of Estonia has threatened the employees of Sputnik Estonia criminal cases, if they don’t stop labour relations with the parent organization, based on the fact that in 2014, the EU imposed sanctions against a number of legal entities and individuals in Russia.