Ended in Moscow the world championship in rapid and blitz chess

the King and Queen in blitz and rapid chess were determined in Moscow at the world championship in rapid and blitz. Tournament million dollars for the second year in a row understand Russia, this time the best chess players of the planet revealed the strongest in the Luzhniki stadium.

Where else to be the world Cup, if not in the Luzhniki stadium? Even if it is about chess. Although in the stands, of course, became more silent — to make noise during the chess matches is impossible. Fans remains only hard to empathize with athletes.

In this sport even your Ronaldo is Norwegian champion Magnus Carlsen. The same haircut, the same cold professionalism and perfectionism. On the heels of the absolute world champion go camera Norwegian television and fans. Though blitz and lightning chess (from the sportsman only 3 minutes per game), but at the same time, it’s a marathon of sprints, you need to play 21 games.

on the eve of Winning for the third time the title of champion in rapid and blitz as fast as the 29-year-old Carlsen gave no chances to the opponents. Specially for the Moscow world Championships rapid and blitz the 14th world champion Vladimir Kramnik resumed his career.

Women’s rapid won the Indian player Humpy Koneru. But in blitz the Russians out of the competition. Kateryna Lahno in an elegant and relaxed defended his title in 17 rounds scored 13 points.

in the world championship In rapid and blitz was attended by the strongest chess players of the planet, are allowed only athletes with the highest rating. The total prize Fund of the tournament amounted to a million dollars. Russia not forgiven with big chess. In March, Yekaterinburg will host the candidates tournament, which will determine the opponent of the king and of the North, and the entire chess world Magnus Carlsen.