Football star Neymar faces a hefty fine for violating environmental laws on his property in his native Brazil. Police and environmental officials from Mangaratiba town had banned construction work on an artificial lake at the Paris Saint-Germain player’s estate on Thursday after an inspection.

The administration of the coastal municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro announced that several environmental violations had been identified – including the diversion of watercourses and unauthorized water withdrawal from rivers and earthmoving.

The irregularities will now be evaluated and a fine will be imposed, which is estimated to be no less than five million real (around 955,000 euros), it said. Neymar’s father was reportedly on the property during the investigation and was held for insulting officials to local Environment Minister Shayene Barreto, but was released after a short time.

According to Brazilian media reports, officials then found further violations during a renewed inspection on Saturday. Neymar celebrated the inauguration of the lake on Friday on the closed area, as can be seen in photos on social media, the portals G1 and UOL reported, among others. The environmental agency announced that the fine would increase as a result.