Environmentalists: tigers Pavlik and Helena saw the New year in the Amur region

the Tigers Elena and Pavlik saw the New year in the Amur region. About GTRK “the Cupid” has informed environmentalists.

Recall that the caged animals in the Primorye territory, released into the wild last spring. Since then, experts continue to monitor striped in the conditions of a free life.

the Female is now in the Khingansky nature reserve, which has become her home. But Elena’s brother continues to travel in the surrounding areas. After the fall he made a trip towards Bureyskoye reservoir, tiger for a while again returned to the border of the protected area, then again headed North. New year Pavlik met in the area of state reserve “of the Khingan-Arkhara”.

As noted by scholars, the information gathered during Hiking expeditions, and data from e-collars allow us to judge that the tigers feel comfortable in the wild. Self-extracted food — hunt wild boar, elk, ROE deer and red deer.

Text: GTRK “Amur”