Epidemiologist urged Russians not to panic because of Chinese coronavirus

Russia has the world’s best anti-epidemic system. Has all the tools to fight the epidemic, there are specialized capsules and specialized beds for patients. No need to panic. About this on air of the program “60 minutes” said epidemiologist Vladislav Zhemchugov.

According to him, the epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV – is a rather typical situation. But never the world population is not faced with the scale of the quarantine, when the 12-million city trying to isolate.

“the Chinese have done, they have a good surveillance system. The behavior of the Chinese deserves respect. They decided to take this step in order not to let the infection in geometrical progression, when they get sick thousands or tens of thousands of people. They took the blow, and bravely told,” — said Pearl.

however, he noted that the world already has localization experience from similar infections. Previous SARS – SARS – though late because of delays in evaluation, but still managed to be localized. Thanks to the efforts of scientists, doctors and governments have been suspended, and avian and swine flu. “Medicine ready for such outbreaks”, — said the epidemiologist.

Referring to methods of combating a new infection, he said that vaccinations against pneumonia in this case does not make sense. But still the means to combat the coronavirus is. They are similar to the drugs that were used to combat SARS. Experts will soon announce which medications can help in this case.

“I’d add that to help in treating and slowing the infection are the most common anti-inflammatory drugs. It is analgin, aspirin and antivirals that can fight the flu virus,” concluded the doctor.